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The whole surface of the hardwood flooring is made entirely of unprocessed wood. It has a large number of possibilities with regards to sandblasting and to its finishing. Its instability is caused by heat and humidity. In hostile conditions, this type of flooring can get deformed (torsion, swelling, tearing). The engineered floor solves these problems with its multilayer boards which thwart the adverse effects in order to remain flat and intact.

The engineered wooden floor generally consists of two distinct elements, the coating and the veneering. The base coating can be made of real wood, plywood or high density fiberboard. As for the veneer, it is glued to this base, giving the floor a varying look. The engineered flooring is designed to achieve greater stability, particularly in places where humidity and heat can be a problem for the hardwood floor.

In addition to its upper layer of veneered wood, the engineered floor has a base made of three or more layers. Of course, the more the number of layers, the better the stability. The base may be made of plywood, fiberboard or hardwood. The qualities of the engineered floor make it the best choice for installations near a heat source, on concrete or in any humid environment.

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